A Shoebox Nova and The Beach Boys on the 8-Track

The 'Couv' Life

(Originally Published June 1st, 2009 in the Evergreen Times, Vancouver, WA, Rod Sager)

When the Beach Boys cut their first record in 1962 I was nothing more than the proverbial twinkle in my fathers eye. When they peaked in the mid to late sixties I was still crying as I sat on Santa’s lap.  Yet, here I am today a life long fan of America’s Band.

This incredible group of men, according to Billboard magazine, are the largest selling U.S. band in history.  The Beach Boys recorded 36 Top 40 singles including four that rode the top of the charts as a Billboard number one. The band is also notable for having the longest span of time between number one singles in Billboard’s history at 22 years.

The 1960’s was a turbulent time in America.  That era was also perhaps, the most competitive time for popular music.  Motown was cranking out a…

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