Mother’s Day Remembrance: a look back at the passing of my mother.

(Originally published in the Redwood Reporter, February 22nd, 1999, Rod Sager)

On February 3rd my mother lost her battle with cancer.  If one can imagine a ‘good’ way to leave this world, then I must say mom left the best way she could.  She died in bed, in her house for which she was so proud, with her three children at her side.  For that I am grateful to God. 


Mom holding my sister, Montel in 1960

Mom seemed to be doing fine but rather suddenly over the span of just 2 days, she rapidly weakened and finally succumbed to the disease that knows no race, sexual orientation, age or lifestyle and for half a million Americans each year has no mercy.

I was the last of the kids to get home.  I was encouraged to hurry as she was fading fast.  Mom hung on long enough for all of us to be there.  That strength to hold on was not entirely her own.  It is at the time of a death that one really ponders life and once again I have been convinced that God continues to work ‘behind the scenes’ to create little miracles like the one that happened on February 3rd.   I whispered in her ear…”Mom, you are in your bed, in your house and we’re all here, everything is fine…”   Much to the amazement of the Hospice volunteers and our family, Mom closed her eyes and ‘went to sleep’ for eternity.  Clearly she was coherently at peace, clearly in the presence of the Lord.  

I firmly believe that all things in life serve a greater purpose and that even at death God works wonders.  We may not understand why things are how they are, but one day we probably will.

Mom is survived by her three children, ages 38, 34, 27, her Father age 92 and six grandchildren ages 19,19,11,9,4, and 2.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.“ Ecclesiastes 3:20




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