Happy New Year


Well the “paper” has finally completed the metamorphosis into all digital. It’s been better than a decade since this little enterprise began sending a digital copy via PDF to its readers rather than paper. But I continued to print a full color paper copy and file it in the archives where I now have well over 350 issues stored.

Now I will give up a little control as I have merged the Evergreen Times into this blog. I have given up some creative design ability, but let’s face it, my designs were not all that, were they? I gain however some interesting tools here on WordPress. Live polls, interactivity in the form of comments and exposure to the blogosphere, video and more. I feel that after a couple of hundred posts on my other blogs, I have it down pretty well.

So last month’s edition was the final “paper” version. Future editions will appear right here on this blog which was formerly the “Best of the Evergreen Times”.  I will miss the newsletter format but in the end I believe the content will be easier to manage for me and the readers. Oh, I will not have to maintain that cumbersome archive on rodsager.com either. 2014 is shaping up quite nicely.

Those of you used to getting an email with a link maybe pleased to discover that when you click the follow this blog button near the top of the right sidebar. You will receive an email with this blog attached. No more pesky 3mb downloads 🙂

The format will be blog style. Stories will each appear as blog posts rather than a newsletter layout. I look forward to a happy and prosperous 2014 and wish all of that for each of you.

Wait, I almost forgot. I need something inflammatory… FOOTBALL! This upcoming weekend is Championship Sunday. It’s the Patriots a mile high at the Broncos for the AFC title and the 49ers in soggy Seattle facing the Seahawks for the NFC title.

I hate the Patriots. I hate the Broncos, the latter is mandatory for any Raider fan. I do like Peyton Manning, he is quite likely the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, So I will take the Broncos in a tight one over the Patriots and Tom “Tuckboy” Brady.

On the NFC side my Washington State pride must be allowed to shine. And the 49ers haven’t won in Seattle since what? The Bush administration? Seahawks have taken the 49ers to the woodshed the last two times they played host at Century Link to the tune of 71-16. Ouch. The 49ers have beaten the Seahawks at the ‘Stick’ twice but both of those games were very close. Seahawks advance.

Well if that didn’t light you up, your just un-American 😉

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