Portland ComicCon!


The Legendary Stan Lee

Kyle and I enjoyed a sunny afternoon indoors! What! Yes it was Wizard World’s Portland ComicCon at the convention center and I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity for some fun.

I finally got to meet the legendary man behind some of the comic world’s most iconic characters. Yes my friends I am talking about Stan Lee! I spent just a few coins shy of a king’s ransom for the photo-op, but it was worth it. When I was done with the photo, I exclaimed, “I just got a photo with the legendary Stan Lee”! To which he replied as he waved is index finger, “And don’t you forget it”! I did feel a touch awkward wearing the Batman shirt the Kyle gave me for


Stan Lee stops by Yaya Han’s booth to say “hi”

Christmas in a photo with Marvel’s master creator, but I got over it. prior to the photo I frantically searched for a large button with one of Stan’s characters and oddly could not find one. Later that afternoon, Stan even popped by Yaya Han’s booth to say hello, that sly old fox can still put the moves on the ladies. 

Kyle and I got to meet Bruce Campbell and that guy is a real friend to fans. He was really fun. He looked a Kyle and said, “Come on let’s pose, come on like this…” Kyle loves that guy and I have always liked him too.


Kyle and Bruce Campbell, like a boss

I managed to get a photo with nearly every cos-player in the building! We even got a photo with Elvira. At 62 years of age Cassandra Peterson can still rock that costume. Kyle had no idea who “Elvira” is and could not understand why the line for her photo was soooo long. I explained her story about the Horror Hostess gig that made her locally famous in L.A. and how her character morphed into a world-wide sensation in the 80s. Then she appeared and he said something like, “Holy shit, now I get it”!


Elvira still has some mojo

I will be attending the Emerald City ComicCon in March. Karen Gillian is booked for Sunday and she is my favorite of the Doctor’s companions. Hmm a ginger girl from the Scotland Highlands… sound familiar? I think Nolan is going to take a shuttle over mountains from CWU so he can go to Emerald City as well. Amy Pond is his favorite ‘Who’ companion also. A chip off the old block, he is 😉

I really enjoy the crazy atmosphere of these conventions. I can only take a day though as my feet were very sore afterwords. You can see all 38 photos on my Facebook page.

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