Seahawks Re-affirm that Defense Wins Championships

In a fitting end to Super Bowl XLVIII, the game’s MVP award went to a linebacker. Linebackers are the heart of a team’s defense and it was not Seattle’s offense that made the big impact on the game.

Like the ’85 Bears, the ’13 Seahawks were all about “D”. From the trash talking shut down corner, Richard Sherman; to the over-sized, hard-hitting strong safety, Kam Chancellor and his equally imposing counterpart at free safety, Earl Thomas; the ‘Legion of Boom’, lowered the boom, on the number one offense in the NFL.

This was not just any offense my friends, this was the highest scoring team in NFL history with 606 points scored in the regular season. The Broncos are led by the man who is most likely the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Peyton Manning threw for NFL records; 5477 yards and 55 touchdowns. If Manning comes back next year he will almost certainly pass Brett Favre to become the all time passing leader.

The final outcome of this game was as unlikely as the outcome of first play from scrimmage. Yet that one single play set the tone for the whole game. The highest scoring offense of all time, led by the most prolific passer of all time scored a grand total of just 8 points. That score came at a point in the game where hope was all but lost anyway for Denver. It was 36-0 as the third quarter wound down and the Broncos put their only score on the board.

As a dyed in the wool Raider’s fan I could not bring myself to root for Denver. I like Manning. He is the class act of the NFL, but he has a ring already. I rooted for the Broncos once, in the Super Bowl that Elway finally won. Only out of respect for what Elway had achieved on the field over a long career filled with empty Super Bowl appearances. Of course, as a Washingtonian, Seattle was the team I had to support.

I told my son, Kyle; “If Pete Carroll calls the conservative offense he used in the playoffs, the Broncos will crush Seattle”. I was concerned that they would punt and rely on the defense to hold. They did nothing of the sort. In fact coach Carroll made like it was USC and pulled out all the stops. The Seahawks padded the lead to ensure that Manning would not make a come back. Even the 1985 Bears gave up two scores in their Super Bowl victory over a New England team far less offensively equipped than this year’s Broncos team.

Once again the outcome cements more evidence to that which we all have heard time and time again. Defense wins championships.

I have updated my all time greatest QB list. Last time I had a list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Johnny Unitas was at the top. Johnny U is still one of the very best, but I fear he is no longer number 1…

Please participate in the poll below. Choose your selection for the all time greatest QB. The poll is listed in the order I would place them personally. I could probably move a few around but I think the top 5 is solid.

Manning, Favre, Marino, Moon, Montana, Young, Tarkenton, and Dawson all had amazing numbers for their period. Montana, Brady, Bradshaw, Baugh, Dawson, Graham, Elway, Stabler and Unitas were leaders that helped carry their teams to victory and championships. Upon retirement Unitas, Tarkenton, Marino and Favre were the all time passing leader (each replacing the other sequentially) Manning holds nearly every NFL record and may have them all when he’s done. Montana and Young both retired as the highest rated passer of all time. (Young replaced Montana in this stat) Bradshaw was the first QB to get 4 Super Bowl wins. Dawson was accurate and threw very few interceptions for his era. Sammy Baugh had six NFL passing titles a record tied only once by Steve Young. Otto Graham led his teams to 4 AAFC Championships and then 3 NFL championships. Elway could throw the ball on a rope through a brick wall in snow storm. Brady is accurate, rarely throws picks. Stabler retired as the most accurate passer in NFL history and his accuracy was even decent by today’s standards. Unitas was tough, showed leadership and led his teams to championships.

The poll shows the player’s name followed by stats in parenthesis. (Yds,Pct,TDs,INTs) The Super Bowl record for that player, The number of NFL MVP awards, The number of Pro Bowl selections (or all-star selections for old school era). Number of NFL or other league championships in the pre-Super Bowl era (All American Football Conference, AFL, etc.)

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