2014 Shaping into Blockbuster Hero Movie Year

It all starts next month, with the April 4th opening of Marvel’s ‘Captain America, The Winter Soldier’. Then in May, two more big budget films will debut beginning on the 2nd with the second installment of the new Spider-man series, Marvel’s ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’; followed by yet another Marvel effort, ‘X-men: Days of Future Past’ on the 23rd. The 4th installment of Transformers will hit the silver screen in June on the 27th ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’. Finally on the first of August, yes ANOTHER Marvel adventure and new to the big screen, Guardians of the Galaxy opens.



xmen-5-23I am certainly looking forward to all three spring Marvel films. I think Captain America will be awesome. I really liked the ‘First Avenger’ and I liked Cap in the Movie, ‘The Avengers’. Spiderman will do well just because that is what Spiderman does. The biggest question mark for me is the follow-up to the X-men prequel, ‘X-men First Class’. First Class was a First Class movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kevin Bacon was delicious as the villain. But he’s dead. Marvel is going to attempt to merge the “modern” X-men with the impeccable Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen as Professor X and Magneto and the new prequel young versions. Marvel has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with the Avengers that they have the mojo to pull off that kind of complex blend of characters. But will they do it again here? I hope so.

tansform-6-27As for the transformers, I am kind of over the whole transformers movies. I loved the first one and liked the second and well… you get the drift…

Guardians of the Galaxy is a serious wild card. Marvel is introducing this line of superheros from the expansive Marvel Universe. It will be fresh to see something we have not seen yet and Marvel leaves me no reason to suspect that this will not be a pleasing effort.


But just to make sure, they cast Karen Gillan in it and well I am seeing it no matter what. For you non-Whovians; Karen Gillan is the 5’11” legit Ginger from the Scottish Highlands that played Amy Pond, the Eleventh Doctor’s first companion. Of course she’s bald and blue in this movie and that might not be my favorite look for the gorgeous redhead.

2014 is shaping up to be a great year for action and superhero movies!

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