Captain America, The Winter Soldier Delivers

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-screencaps-25That title suggests a positive outcome which this movie has. But “delivers” what? That is a legit question. I liked this movie. I really did. Marvel knows how to deliver a good movie. This one was not as action packed as some other efforts by the company and it is almost refreshing. Although there are a few spots where it slows down just a bit too much, over all the pace is nicely mixed.


I like the story and I will avoid any spoilers for those of you who have not seen it. The query as to “what” lies in the overall plot being clearly another attempt to build a base for another marvel movie or two in the future. This film feels too much like a bridge to other projects. That itself is not entirely bad, but the film does not need to serve as a prop or lead in for other “bigger” movies. This movie had the chops to stand alone.

Chris Evans is again excellent as the out of his time, boy scout; Captain Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. Samuel L. Jackson has an expanded role as Nick Fury and of course is awesome. As a funny side note; my son and I recently watched ‘Pulp Fiction’ and we both kept waiting for Nick Fury to say “motherf****r”. Of course it didn’t happen and he didn’t recite Ezekiel 25:17 either 😉  Robert Redford does a nice job as Alexander Pierce but this is far from his best work. Redford’s character is involved significantly in this film and much of the plot twist revolves around him.

There are a few surprises in the plot development of this movie. Big surprises. Really big surprises. The ending of this film may leave you wondering where the hell Marvel is taking us. The after credits of course provide some insight, so stay put till the very end. I like the Winter Soldier. This antagonist character is done quite well and merges important aspects of the Captain America story from this latest round of films. I will leave it at that to avoid spoilers.


I think that the two stand alone Captain America movies and the Cap’s role in the Avengers has been outstanding. Having Natasha Romanov as a major character in the Winter Soldier is fabulous and I am very glad they merged the two so well. Really, is there anyone that doesn’t like watching Scarlett Johansson kick ass in a skin-tight outfit, I mean really, anyone? And her trying to set up Captain Rogers with a date? There is a piece of speculative foreshadowing I can reveal without damaging the credibility of my “no spoilers” promise. Romanov and the Cap in a short lived romance in some future Marvel movie? Nah… probably not.

Overall the movie was solid and has found itself reasonably placed on the all time Super Hero Movie List. Subject to change as always 😉




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