X-men In Quantum Flux

superheroI will try to avoid spoilers but I saw X-men Days of Future Past today and overall I thought it was pretty good. Marvel did a nice job of tying the two different movie series together. It harkens back a little to Star Trek Generations where Kirk and Picard are in the same movie. Speaking of that there is a little Star Trek Easter Egg so see if you catch it 🙂 So this was the future X-men connecting with the past X-men. The cast of X-men First Class meets the cast of the three X-men movies with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

The writers did a nice job on the story. The future and the past mesh well and that is not an easy task with time travel type scenarios. During the middle third of the movie I wasn’t really feeling it. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but the plot just kind of happens. There are times in the film that it seems to drag a bit. Never does it venture into dull or boring and story elements do move forward in a timely fashion. This one was not the epic action packed adventure of say, The Avengers. Rather, it moves through a lot of story content, so dialog is very important. The dialog in this film is a little sub-par for a Marvel movie. Over all at the end, I just didn’t have that holy cow that was an awesome experience as I was leaving the theater.

Not getting that wow factor could have allot to do with Marvel superhero fatigue. Let’s face it there is no shortage of heroes in masquerade on the big screen these days. This is the fifth installment of X-Men so this was a tall order for Marvel to keep it interesting. They pulled it off however. I really like the connection that was made between these two “eras” of X-men. The Wolverine is a key player in this film and as usual Hugh Jackman is the man and he IS the Wolverine!

I was very pleasantly surprised with the prequel movie “First Class” that introduced us to the new cast of mutants. That movie ranks very high on my list. Although this latest effort fails to reach the high marks of that film, it does fare quite well overall in a sea of great superhero movies. First Class had better dialog and a deliciously sinister villain, portrayed by Kevin Bacon. The villain in Days of Future Past is more nebulous. In the “future” plot, it is not an individual but more of a bad idea gone worse. In the “past” the villain tends to track well with the X-Men comics and story as the villains are often misunderstood mutants with an eye for survival against fearful humans. Although this latest effort fails to reach the high marks of that film, it does fare quite well overall in a sea of great superhero movies.

I gave this one a solid 4 stars and rank it in the top half on the chart. As is my custom I tend to move these films about the chart as time goes by and I reflect on the movies. I own all of them on DVD or Blu-Ray and often re-watch them. Keep an eye on your favorite as it may bob around on the chart a bit. Hey; movie reviews are highly subjective, I can do that 😉



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