Super-Hero Genre Explodes this Season: Awesome.

Who isn’t loving this TV season? Agents of Shield is back for a second season and it really started to get good halfway through the first. Arrow begins season three and it has a nice tie in with the CW’s new series; “The Flash”. Fox is running a very gritty Batman prequel with “Gotham”.

Today I want to chat it up a bit on the two new shows, Gotham and the Flash.

Gotham opened last week and had a follow-up episode this week. So far, I am impressed with this show. The casting is very good, acting is solid ‘birdie’ if you’ll pardon the golf parlance. This show begins with a young Bruce Wayne witnessing the brutal murder of his parents at the tender age of 11. The show follows the young Master Wayne as he copes with his loss and starts to become the young man who will eventually become, Batman. The show has classic Batman characters in their infancy of development.


Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman) and Oswald Cobblepot (future Penguin) are a major part of the story line, thus far. They have gorgeous, young actress, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle and she is the youngest to ever portray this character. She is just fifteen. I think they have done a great job with the idea of what a young Selina Kyle would be like. Catwoman is not a “bad” person. They have her as somewhat conflicted young girl that is also even-handed and thoughtful. Spot on for what I would picture her before she becomes a master thief.

Fox has decided so far to use a vicious persona for Cobblepot but he is also a very clever fellow. I do like him so far. Robin Lord Taylor is delivering a solid performance as Cobblepot.


The show revolves around a very young detective named James Gordon. Yes the future commissioner Gordon. We see the seedy underbelly of crime and corruption that makes Gotham City so… well… Gothammy. Carmine Falcone is featured and many of the classic mobsters from the early Batman 1940s stuff are mentioned. A real show stealer so far for me is the downright delicious, Fish Mooney. Jada Pinkett Smith is really bringin’ it home. This show is really well done and I highly recommend watching it. If you are a Batman fan, I must demand you watch it or turn in your Batman fan club card 😉


The Flash opened up last night and I must say that CW has done a great job on this show as well. I did not follow the Flash much in the comics, but the show seems to be well thought out with good production values. The casting in this show seems a little flat compared to Gotham. I do like Grant Austin as Barry Allen aka The Flash and Tom Cavanaugh as Harrison Wells. CW has tied this new series in with the venerable Arrow and they do it again in the opening episode with a cameo by the Green Arrow.

As a bit of a side note of local interest this show is filmed in the Northwest including Vancouver, Canada and Portland, OR. Some of the Central City establishing shots were clearly of Portland.

Two big thumbs up for both of these shows and they can keep the comic book – super hero stuff coming, I’ll eat it up 🙂

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