Netflix Original Series, Daredevil

MV5BMTgyMjU0Mzg5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTg3MDYyNTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Yes they did! Marvel teamed up with Netflix to create an original series based on the venerable Daredevil. 13 episodes of season one were released simultaneously this past Friday. I have watched the first three episodes and so far I like it. It is a bit more drama and little less “flash” than say… CW’s “The Flash”. Yes I punned the hell of that, so shoot me 😉

True to comic book lore our hero is Matt Murdock, a blind attorney and son of a boxer, Jack Murdock. For people interested in the show and not familiar with the character, I will spare you any spoilers. So far they seem to be running true to the comics on this. Adapting a comic book hero to television or movies can be difficult and typically some artistic license may need to occur to make good programming. I am OK with that.

Charlie Cox is doing a fine job thus far as Matt Murdock, AKA the Daredevil. Our leading lady through the first 3 episodes is the lovely Deborah Ann Woll a native New Yorker from Brooklyn. Miss Woll is a graduate of the University of Southern California BFA acting program. So far she seems to have the chops for the role. The surprise has been Eldon Henson as Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock’s BFF and law partner. This guy is single-handedly bringing the comic relief that this dark and dramatic show needs. Let there be no mistake about it, through the first three episodes this is no Disney trip gang, the show is tackling some heavy human interest and nasty criminal activity. It is dark, it is gritty, and it is good.

Without giving away spoilers, I will say I enjoy the flashbacks to Matt Murdock’s childhood with his boxer father. I like the build up to the big conspiracy that will likely result in a showdown at some point between Daredevil and Kingpin. They are masking the villains in a juicy veil of mystery and I like that a lot. Toby Leonard Moore is portraying the man named Wesley that always makes nebulous reference to “his employer”. This guy is selling the goods as the semi-creepy contact between the thugs and the boss. He has charisma, class and just enough sneaky villainesque to pull off the whole, “liaison man” in front of the big picture conspiracy.

Marvel appears to have a lot of control with this Netflix Original series and they have quietly tied the whole revitalization of Hell’s Kitchen to the big destructive event at NYC from the end of the Avengers Movie with a few Easter Eggs.

Load up Netflix and start watching this right now!


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4 Responses to Netflix Original Series, Daredevil

  1. nolansager says:

    I just added it to my watch list, thanks!

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