The Age of Ultron is Here!

Avengers-Age-of-Ultron This blog is starting to turn into a comic book superhero niche review site 😉 No it’s not, I’ll be writing about the Oakland Raiders post-draft here pretty soon 🙂 In the mean time Marvel brought us into the Age of Ultron this week and I saw the movie at Vancouver’s amazing Cinetopia Friday.

Yeah I cheated and took a little executive lunch break so as to beat the crowds by seeing a matinée. I got to watch it on a giant 80 foot screen with Dolby’s ATMOS sound. It was awesome and the theater was only about 1/3 full. The Thursday night showings had people waiting in line for hours to fill a stuffed to the brim auditorium. I waited an extra twelve hours in the comfort of my cozy bed and saw it in undisturbed bliss whilst the masses were toiling away at their jobs. Self-employment has some advantages.

movielistI’ll start by saying I did not walk out of the theater with that overwhelming awe-buzz. Honestly though, that is as much about Marvel expectations than the lack of greatness shown on the screen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch anything Marvel makes till the cows come home, they are that good. But let’s face it, we are getting two to three comic-based movies a year, so the novelty is gone and it’s all about the raw film making and acting. Which remains very high in this film, by the way.

On that note, Marvel continue to impress with great dialog, situational comedy, solid action with quality effects. Not to mention lovable characters that are well-defined and deeply developed.

Considering the source of the antagonist in this film, they created a deliciously diabolical character that we can almost feel. Since Marvel has already vetted the core group of protagonists they were at liberty to add a few new ‘Avengers’ in this film without making it feel crowded.

I felt like they advanced the Scarlet Witch too quickly, however. She starts off as a mind manipulator “not ready” for action and allied with the “bad guys”. By the end of the movie she has become a fully evolved and powerful character as well as a member of the Avengers. That transformation from naive frightened girl discovering her power to the energy wielding juggernaut happens a tad too fast.

The Tony Stark character continues to impress and Robert Downey Jr. shows us the darker side of his obsessive behavior. Tony is a good guy that is in desperate need of a moral compass. Good thing the Cap is an Avenger 🙂 With each new movie Scarlett Johannsen continues to impress with a deep character portrayal of Black Widow.

Marvel also continues to bring the whole marvel Universe together with these films. There are tie ins with Marvel’s Agents of Shield on ABC TV, The previous movies including other franchises like the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. The whole Marvel Universe is a big connected family and they continue to merge and blend them to keep this wonderful continuity going.

This movie is extremely well done and though I don’t walk out of the theater with that crazy buzz, I think that is a real testament to just how good Marvel is. I have come to expect ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ every time I see a Marvel movie. The expectation is greatness and so when all they deliver is the usual greatness, the buzz isn’t there. It’s like I am Andy Capp and my booze is Marvel Movies, no matter how much I drink I just can’t get lit on it anymore. Don’t for one second think that isn’t a good thing. Marvel just cranks out good movies like Peyton Manning throws touchdown passes; it’s just another day at the office.

I gotta give this movie a solid 5 stars, I know it’s getting old passing out A grades every time Stan Lee touches something, but what am gonna do? It’s good stuff.

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