Frank ? What? He’s Back? Yep.

After a very long absence from the Evergreen Times, Frank is Back! Yes my friends, that Frank. “Corporate Corner”, “Another Hinton Run”, “Can I be Frank with You?” Yes he is back. Helping lean this rag back a little towards the center line 😉

by Frank Hinton, Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

What a world that we live in.  On the same day, two known crooks continue to use their money, fame, and the legal system to keep themselves from justice.

Bill Cosby seeks court sanctions against the woman he raped over the recent leaks of his testimony…sorry, one of the many, many women……sorry, one of the many, many women he allegedly raped.  This sick rapist has been praised his whole life and used his lawyers and stacks of money to keep women from putting him where he belongs…in jail.  Even when the 20 or 30 women came out…no one believed them.  Even when they offered very specific tales of similar accounts of being drugged and raped.  Anyone else would be arrested or shamed into dealing with the charges.  This clown was still performing up until recently and making fun of the uproar while all his lawyers were calling the accusers liars and gold diggers.  Now he is done in by his own words and he is still using his lawyers to fight the tide against him.


Barry Bonds had the feds decide to end the prosecution today.  The one charge they had him on was overturned by the 9th circuit court (surprise, surprise) and he walks.  He releases a statement as if he was innocent the whole time and being persecuted when anyone that followed the case and read the testimony knows that he is guilty as charged and then some.  Anyone that watched baseball knew it when his hat and shoe sizes ballooned as he entered his 30’s.  He is suing baseball for colluding to prevent him from playing during the last few years when even the SF Giants wouldn’t take anymore of his cheating and lying.  The government botched the case.  The grand jury questioning was weak and Bonds never even had to go to Capitol Hill like the other cheaters and face the public.  It was all done behind closed doors while Barry let his dealer/friend Greg Anderson sit in prison for him.


The legal system needs to be fixed so everyone has a fair chance at justice…..not just those with a lot of money.


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