Jessica Jones and Legends of Tomorrow

2016 is starting out right where 2015 left us; in comic book nirvana. Last year Netflix released 13 episodes of an absolutely brilliant take on Marvel’s Daredevil. I wrote about that show right here. Netflix decided to release a second all original Marvel adaptation later in the year with 13 episodes of Jessica Jones. Now in the earliest moments of 2016 Warner Brothers Television is releasing the Legends of Tomorrow on the CW. This show is well tied in to The Arrow and The Flash. For the first time we are seeing a quality and consistent merging of the DC universe, not unlike the brilliant efforts by rival Marvel Entertainment. We can only hope the Warner Brothers silver screen movies can do the same.

p12123982_b_v8_abStarting with Jessica Jones, this is another Neflix original that takes it to barn. Very well done show with superb acting and excellent production values. This show is even darker and grittier than Daredevil or Gotham. No seriously this one is absolutely NOT for the kids. Jessica Jones is not really a super hero per se, but rather more of a super hero washout. Without revealing spoilers, she is someone who “tried” the whole super hero gig and decided it was not her bag. So now she is a private eye in Hell’s Kitchen. This show is as much a dark and brooding detective drama as it is a super hero adventure. But it is a bit of both. I cannot overstate the black hole undertones in this series. Netflix has the advantage of operating outside of the FCC restrictions for television that networks have to contend with. This show pushes right out to the ragged edge with sexuality and violence. It manages to push the envelope without pushing too far. My only complaint is that this show leaves you begging for some comic relief and there is little to none given. Daredevil had Foggy Nelson to break through the darkness. When watching Jessica Jones, bring your own flashlight. Absolutely brilliant.

legendsheaderThis week DC launched the Legends of Tomorrow utilizing characters already introduced in both the Arrow and the Flash TV shows. I have just seen the pilot episode and I am a bit mixed. The show has a fun vibe so far and that is a nice change of pace from the recent trend of tv and movies diving into the pit of despair. The first episode was a little forced and even predictable. But the light at the end of the tunnel is shining as this could take a turn for the much better. I see a lot of potential here for a fun and exciting adventure with this rather unlikely team of would be heroes.

Oh 2016, with your new TV shows and your silver screen wonders taken from the pages of comic books past… bring it on… One month till Deadpool 😉


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