Breaking the 4th Wall while Making a Great Film

deadpool_ver10No spoilers here, just a little chat about a very BIG movie. This film is rated “R” and I might just spice up this review to match the rating… just a little.

20th Century Fox is not the first movie house to roll out a comic book themed film with an “R” rating but this is the very best of that ‘R’ bunch. In fact this film is so brilliantly well done, it is sure to land near the top of the superhero movie list.

So is the R rating justified? Oh, hell yes it is. This is not a film for children, frankly not even young teens. It is hard, it is edgy, it is filled with bloody violence, adult sexuality, and raunchy humor. But unlike many films that carry the “Restricted” rating this one avoids that trap that so many directors fall into; the gratuitous use of bad language and raunchy behavior that all too often corrupts a good picture. It’s like the director is thinking, “well, we got the ‘R’ let’s load up on T&A and screw any serious plot development or character building”. That is simply not the case here. The director uses the full extent of that R rating to show us the inner workings of the world of our character but keeps it well within the proper context. Just enough violence to show us, hey this is a violent guy in a violent world; and just enough skin to remind us, hey our anti-hero likes the ladies and the ladies like him. In the end this is a late inning home run with a couple on base. Yes, it is that good.

The film opens with an unorthodox roll of credits poking fun at the stars and marquee production personnel. It really seems that 20th Century Fox decided to listen to Stan the Man on this, because they nailed it… with authority. The movie is stuffed full of unadulterated, Easter eggs. You will have to see this thing like 10 times to catch all those juicy, little hidden nuggets.

So you know you want to ask… come on… I know what your thinking… Ryan Reynolds? AKA the Green Lantern. Green Lantern was not as bad as the reviews, but it was a tad on the stinky side; stinky in a cute wet-dog sort of way more than a steamy pile of excrement. But it was unpleasantly aromatic none-the-less. Mr. R pretty much lays to rest any and all concerns about his ability to drill to the heart of character and bring that bacon home; all sizzlin’ and shit. My God, Reynolds simply is: Deadpool.

For those that have followed this dark anti-hero on the pages of comic books in the Marvel-verse, you know he likes to break the fourth wall. At one point in the movie he will break the fourth wall while telling you he is breaking the fourth wall. These violations of space and time between audience and fiction are well done, frankly as well done as you will ever see. Did I mention that Ryan Reynolds nails the shit out of this role? Yeah, I think I did actually. OK just in case you weren’t paying attention, Ryan Reynolds nailed this fucker down. Hey it’s rated “R” if you are under 17 do not read this review without parental supervision 😉

So this is Ryan Reynolds best film. I know, that’s not really saying much. But this performance just might do for Reynolds what Tony Stark did for Robert Downy Jr. Yes, already, it’s that good. Half my readers just opened another window to load Fandango and get their tickets.

Morena-Baccarin-Sexy-photo-1How about our leading lady? Vanessa. As a character she is not that well-developed. Deadpool’s babe is someone we comic book fans already know. Yes it is Morena Baccarin, the one and same that has the heart of James Gordon in Gotham. But Vanessa shows us a much more saucy side of this stunning actress. She was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 and I’ll say right now, she could be the ‘Girl from Ipanema’. Look it up young-lings.

“She is tall and tan and young and lovely… The girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes, each one she passes goes ahhhh… When she walks, she’s like a samba that swings so cool and sways so gentle that when she passes, each one she passes goes, ahhhh

She’s kind of like that 🙂

So the movie is really good, but far from perfect. Our villain is portrayed by UK actor, Ed Skrein. Well there’s a novel idea, let’s make the bad guy British, they’ll never see that coming. Seriously? It’s fucking cliché already. That said the actor does an OK job I suppose, but as far as villains go this one definitely has a limp dick. As good as Reynolds and excellent Deadpool dialog is, the weak villain leaves a bit of a stain in the rug.

The villain’s right hand man… er rather woman is actually pretty cool. And if you don’t like Weasel, played by T.J. Miller, you are missing some cerebral software. This movie kept the cast on the skinny side and I think it really helps keep us focused on Deadpool. This was Ryan’s movie to make or ruin and no doubt, he and the writers deliver the goods.

20th Century Fox owns the rights to the whole X-Men cast and they bring us a couple of crossover characters in this movie. If you have seen the trailers, and I know you have, you already figured out that Colossus will make an appearance. Our man, Stan Lee gets a cameo, something the idiots at Fox omitted in the mediocre Fan 4 movie last summer.

Another character you will run into in this film is “Blind Al” played by actress, Leslie Uggams. Look this lovely lady up. She was born way back in nineteen hundred and forty-three and what a doll she was as a young lady. She still looks fantastic, she is in her 70s after all. Internet Movie Database, I love that site 😀

This film is all Ryan Reynolds. The guy is single-handedly the badass tough guy, blade wielding gun slinger, and comic relief all in one. The movie is dark and bloody yet never takes itself too serious. Almost like Kick Ass, only not as cheesy.

Stay for the credits, the closing credits are quite funny in themselves but there will be two small after credits scenes with Ryan Reynolds that you won’t want to miss. Got those tix ordered yet? Seriously? If not, WTF is wrong you? Go see it, now. Go ahead and check out the all time best super hero movie list by clicking on the tab above.


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