The 2016 Election: Seriously America?

I will tread most cautiously on the subject of politics as even the strongest friendships can be tested in these treacherous waters. But this 2016 General Election cycle cannot go without comment.

This is the second time in a row that a two term VP has declined to run for the Presidency. Dick Cheney said all along he would not run for President, and he did not. Joe Biden was a little less certain over the years about his aspirations for the big office, but ultimately decided as well not to seek his party’s nomination. This left us for the second time in eight years with neither party having an incumbent in the field of candidates.

800px-Hillary_Clinton_by_Gage_Skidmore_2All of that is fine and well, but with the sole exception of Hillary Clinton, who saw these four as the final four? Don’t lie to yourself, this is weird.

Let’s start with the Democrats. Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination; this is not surprising as she is a well-known and extremely well-funded candidate. Hillary is the insider candidate for the DNC. There really never was more than two “real” contenders for the Democratic nomination and the two contenders are still contending. Bernie Sanders is still in this election and he is looking like win or lose, he’ll take it all the way to Philly. I never thought the little old socialist could get to the home stretch. That should tell America all it needs to know about Hillary Clinton. Bernie is picking up steam and I don’t think Bernie can actually go to the convention with more delegates than Hillary, but he could still win the nomination, especially if any of the scandalous issues surrounding Mrs. Clinton were to move from the background to the foreground.

She has an equal share of lovers and haters in the political world including those in her own party. She was the front-runner in 2008 and then out of clear blue sky came this relatively unknown guy with a very middle eastern sounding name… Barrack Hussein Obama, and the Democrats kicked little Hilly to the curb. America elected the youthful and charismatic man twice.

Bernie_Sanders_September_2015_croppedNow we are looking at another guy coming from out of nowhere. Bernie Sanders has a lot of experience but is pretty open about his socialist leanings.  He lacks the youthful good looks that Mr. Obama has, but Bernie is running what could be the least corrupt major ticket presidential campaign in decades. Regardless of your political party affiliation or your place on the left vs. right dichotomy, you just gotta admire the old geezer.

There is a genuine concern. If Bernie the Socialist gets the party nod and goes on to win in November, how on Earth will he live to the end of his term. I mean presidents age like dogs. He’s 74 years old and he looks every month of it. By the time he’s up for reelection he will have aged to an effective 103 years old. I have not seen him parade his 96-year-old mother around like John McCain did in ’08. Mrs. McCain is still alive and well by the way, at a ripe 104. His VP choice would be crucial.

Of these two remaining Democrats, I think I would actually take Bernie over Hillary. I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. In theory, Hillary is closer to me than the old man. And I would love to have a lady president. But not Mrs. Clinton. I just don’t trust her. I believe that electing a candidate that stayed away from all the dirty, filthy DC insider money, like Mr. Sanders has, would do more to strengthen our country than having the first woman president. Just sayin’. Besides, Bernie would never get his arch-socialist agenda passed in the Congress. Just ask Obama. The 44th President of the United States came into office on January 20th, 2009 and enjoyed a big, fat, and juicy super-majority of Democrats in the Senate and a comfortable margin of Democrats in the House of Representatives. He could not get Jack, Diddly, or Squat done. The Health Care Act was so screwed up by the time it was passed that no one could recognize it. The House of Representative are always on an election cycle and that means those that are located in swing districts are not going to sign on to anything too controversial regardless of party affiliation.

800px-Donald_Trump_March_2015OK, that brings me to the really weird part. Donald Trump is still the Republican front-runner in APRIL! WTF just happened. This guy has stepped on his junk more this month than Dan Quayle did in his entire political career. The Donald is still around and he’s in the effing lead. What is wrong with you people? Look, I like Donald Trump. If I were gonna create a new reality TV show he’s on the short list ‘right out the gate’. But President? Oh, hell no! Seriously? This idiot has an ego so large it exerts a gravitational effect on our tides.

Let’s build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. Yeah, because that is gonna happen. (please insert a heavy layer of thick and pasty sarcasm here). Bernie’s wild hair scheme of making college free for all is more likely than Mexico building us a wall. So I officially lost what tiny bit of political respect I had for Donald Trump at the debate that digressed into a diatribe of insults about sweat, ears, hands and other unmentionable appendages. Frankly Trump was baited by Marco Rubio who was equally unprofessional but both of those guys are middle-school age mental idiots.

America cannot afford to have a guy like Trump as President. He has no class, he really has no idea what the hell is going on. He is the classic guy that has far more money than brains. I don’t think the President needs to be the smartest guy, but he does need to have some class, common sense, and a general understanding of how the world works. George Bush and Barrack Obama were both polarizing figures as President, yet they both have all of those qualities I just mentioned. Mr Trump has none of them. Donald Trump comes off as a big business swindler, and that is not what we need right now.

800px-Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_Congress_(cropped_2)Ted Cruz meanwhile just keeps poking at that Trump lead. Despite the results in New York, Cruz still has a shot at the nomination. He is not as much a surprise to me as Trump as far as being in this good a position, this late in the campaign. But the fact that a guy like Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, or Jeb Bush couldn’t be where Ted Cruz is now is surprising. Mr. Cruz is a very calm, and frankly Presidential figure. He has a reputation for being a bit hard to the right on Christian religious issues. But like Bernie’s crazy socialist ideas won’t sell in Congress, neither will 18th century Christian doctrine. I’m pretty sure that if Bernie wins we won’t be calling each other ‘comrade’ any more than we will be burning witches at the stake if Ted wins 😉 We have no worries from either of the second place candidates in regard to a potentially radical agenda. That won’t stop either sides efforts at fear-mongering.

Ted Cruz is a very smart guy, smarter than you need to be, to be President. He is a guy that has shown a great ability to talk to people with opposing viewpoints like few politicians I have seen in the last 20 years. That is a notable quality in this day and age of radical hate speech coming from our elected leaders. But does he have the grit and determination to topple the Trump machine. Believe me if this thing stays tight Trump will dive much deeper than he has. Can you even imagine what depths of depravity Donald would go to win?

Donald Trump has been bashing the RNC nominating process. What a moron. Here he is a guy who in all likely hood will have the most delegates at the convention. In a contested convention he could have still won, but now he has gone after the very party for whom he is seeking the nomination. Believe me when I say, if the RNC has any chance to bump him out, they will most certainly do it now that Trump has gone on the warpath against them.

Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton. The DNC must be over the moon with Trump so close to the nomination. Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns. Hillary still has the whole email issue happening. By the time the conventions roll around we might just see a Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders choice, as the corruption train that both the front-runners are riding may derail their campaigns.

All of that said, In the general election I think Trump beats Bernie but Hillary beats Trump. I think Ted Cruz can take either Democrat in a general election if he plays it tough enough in the final weeks leading to November. If Ted Cruz is the Republican nominee, I could see my self voting for him. He is far from ideal but of the four, he is the most “presidential”. If Bernie Sanders is running against Donald Trump I could see my self voting for the old socialist. Trump is just that repulsive. What a sad day indeed when a fiscal conservative is compelled to vote for a tax and spend liberal. If it’s Trump vs. Hillary I may have to end my life… OK, that was dark. But I seriously might have to vote for the bad hair candidate and hope he beats Hillary and then we can impeach him and let the VP take over.

What a frickin’ election. We’re doomed.


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