The Apocalypse is Upon Us

x-men-apocalypse-launch-quad-posterNo spoilers here. This one is hard to judge. Part of me really liked it, but another part of me felt kind of ‘meh’. I am not really sure what to make of this film. I will say that in general I have enjoyed the new cast. I like that this is a bit of a prequel series rather that a straight up reboot.

There were Easter eggs everywhere and I am certain I didn’t catch them all. But nerds will have a field day with all the geekdom goodies hidden in background of those miscellaneous scenes.

Speaking of that, this movie spent a whole lot of time setting up the plot. Usually by the time the third flick rolls around in the life of a trilogy, the plot development is out the window and it’s all blades and badassery for two hours. Not so much here. At times in the first hour of the movie it moves a little to slow. Not “Remains of the Day” slow, but a bit pokey.

getSpeaking of blades, if you saw the previews you saw Psylocke. Why, why, why, was there not MORE of Psylocke? Seriously towards the end of the film I was thinking in my head and the voice of my thoughts was in fact the voice of Christopher Walken, “It could use a little more Psylocke, more Psylocke…” Seriously and that end battle entrance, like an effing boss! But there was too little, too late. Olivia Munn was delicious. She could not have been any cooler, well unless she wore a cowbell 😉

They have done a great job with Eric Lehnsherr in this series of movies. I think Mr. Fassbender is excellent as the young Magneto and he has been outstanding in all three of these prequel movies.

Sophie+Turner+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Wavy+Cut+IXvteCc95KKlAnyone that is a fan of Game of Thrones, will likely love Jean Grey in this movie. The ever so lovely Sophie Turner is cast as the fiery, literally fiery, redhead in the role. She even shows us a little touch of the Phoenix Force as well. Sophie Turner gets a lot of screen time and she looks fantastic and all, but she didn’t get any decent dialog. Oh who cares, have you even looked at Sophie Turner? She doesn’t even have to speak 😉

OK enough about the hot babes, the scene stealer in this movie was once again, Quicksilver. Evan Peters is not the sole reason for the theft of scenes. He does a fine job as Quicksilver, AKA Peter Maximoff. The writers and film makers just had one of those stars aligning moments in a few scenes featuring Quicksilver, especially the scene where he is saving a bunch of people from an exploding building. (No spoilers). If I ever create a top 100 superhero movie scenes list, this one makes the list and might even break in to the top 25. Oh, crap! Now I have to go off and make a damn scene list.

Well the movie is solid, I liked Captain America: Civil War better for sure, but this was a solid effort. Of the three prequel X-Men movies it is bringing up the rear, but the Rotten Tomatoes score is too harsh, it’s better than that. Take a look at the new ranking chart using the tab above or click here.


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