15 years later…

Of course it is September 11th, 2016 and this marks 15 years since the fateful events of September 11th, 2001. The world is a different place in the “post 9-11” aftermath and terrorism is a real threat all over the globe.

The groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS are filled to the brim with hatred. Hatred so strong that it virtually corrupts their moral center. How can such hatred be contained within a human being? Hatred with enough vitriol to murder thousands is hard to comprehend.

Yet there it is out there. Dozens and even scores murdered in violent rampages in Europe, the Middle East and right here in America. All of this hate in the name of “God”. This is not the will of “Allah” nor the will of “God”, this is the will of fanatical mullahs in places like Iran and even some of our “allies” like Saudi Arabia.

It is time that we as a nation stand up and honor those who have died at the hands of these detestable, fanatical thugs and diplomatically force our Arab “allies” to deal with this internal problem. These issues are complex to be sure.

Some suggest we should simply stop doing business with the OPEC nations that harbor these terrorist groups. That however would simply move those oil resources to our competitors like China who is more than willing to buy up any and all oil contracts it can get. Would that be beneficial to America? I am not sure.

One thing I am certain about is that our policy regarding the “refugees” and immigration are in serious need of adjustment. America needs a strong border, but we also need a much less bureaucratic legal entry system. We need to make sure that people coming to the United States are vetted. Are they healthy from a communicative disease standpoint? Are they radicalized terrorists? Are they coming here for that world-famous American opportunity?

There are many “illegals” that have come to America with the best of intentions. Perhaps they tried the “legal” method and became disenfranchised with the ridiculous amount of red tape, BS involved in that process. They “sneaked in” and now work here in America contributing positively to our society. But our acknowledgement of those is no excuse to continue allowing this free flow of illegals. Always there are they who will perpetrate evil using the freedom provided to others. All of the criminals and bad guys coming across are using the good people who come here to cover their own bad will. Whether it is bad drug cartel thugs blending in with the well-intentioned, migrant workers or radical Islamic terrorists blending in with genuinely needy refugees; we must be vigilant in our protection of our sovereignty as a nation and the safety of our citizens.

America by all means should continue to be that ‘shining beacon of hope’ and should continue to offer opportunity to those whom have had it oppressively denied. For our nation has produced great people for whom were forced out of their native countries for racist, political, economic or religious reasons. They came to America and made great things from nothing. Greatness need not always be measured against iconic successes like those of George Soros, Sammy Sosa, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It should be measured by the millions of immigrants that have come to America with nothing more than a few coins in their pockets and built families and friends, while making the daily contributions to our society that make the whole economic machine work.

This is a day of reflection about a tragedy of such magnitude it influenced the entire world for better or worse, and perhaps a little of both. Shall we not at least try to set aside petty political arguments that mostly amount to a big box of nothing, and focus on the humanity of our nation. Hold our leaders to accountability and move our nation in a positive direction that affords opportunity for all and maintains a rational level of security.

On this day some 15 years later we find our selves as divided as we ever have been. The ONLY people in America that win under the divisive conditions we face right now, are the Washington DC insiders who are mostly corrupt and flying it in our faces. That my friends has to stop, but without at least a little American unity it will not.

May God bless these, The United States of America.


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