X-Men Apocalypse on BluRay and A new Champ Up Top

917u3nefvql-_sx342_Yes it had its video release this month and of course true to form, I went out and bought it. You may recall I reviewed this film shortly after its theatrical release giving it favorable marks. It managed to stay in the top half of the all time list but nothing too spectacular. Additional screenings on my home screen have not really changed my position on the film. It’s a solid effort and a decent movie. In my first screening of the movie I really liked the dramatic entrance into the final battle by Psylocke as she splits a car in half. The second time I saw it though it looked kinda of cheesy. I think the first time it was all Olivia Munn delicious and the next time I was more critically watching the special effects. This is a good movie and I really like “prequel” versions of the X-Men. Although I think I might prefer the original Raven played by Rebecca Romijn. Everything I said in that first review holds up save for my over enthusiastic comments about Psylocke’s entrance into the final battle.

Now this next segment is sure to cause a stir among some of my readers. For a great long while the Avengers has enjoyed the top perch on the all time super hero movie list. It took a second screening of that film in 2012 for me to feel compelled to bump Batman Begins down a notch. But ultimately, that’s exactly what I did. Now I have watched the Avengers on BluRay numerous times since and I have watched the other top five films too many times to recount. I often feel I need to be “in the mood” to watch say Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman or even Christopher Nolan’s exceptional Batman Begins. And yes, some times I am just not in the mood for the Avengers. Yet there is a movie on this list that debuted in the top ten and seems to have slowly worked it’s way to the inner circle of masterpiece greatness. I have watched it more times than either Batman begins or Avengers yet those movies have been out for a long time. I have probably seen Batman (1989) more, but come on, that movie has been out for nearly 30 years now.

There is one film I am always in the mood to watch. I watch it about every 6 weeks. It is funny, well acted, has a fabulous soundtrack and a brilliant score, and doesn’t take itself too serious. Yes, my friends Guardians of the Galaxy is simply the best superhero movie of all time.


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