There is Something Strange Going On…

imagesNolan and I went to see Doctor Strange for an opening day matinée on Friday. Marvel Entertainment continues to churn out good material from the vast library of characters still under their control.

Doctor Strange is a character well suited to help merge the physical universe of the Avengers with the more mystical/other worldly universe of Guardians and Thor. This is all building up to the huge crescendo that will be the Infinity War movie slated for some time in 2018.

Doctor Stephen Strange is portrayed by British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch does an admirable job playing the cocky and arrogant doctor and ultimately Doctor Strange. This movie was well done but fairly predictable. The plot was a little thin but well executed. The movie stays on track and does a good job establishing the title character.

As we learn early in development of the story, every one of the “sorcerers” will have a “relic” attach themselves to them. The relic that eventually binds to Strange is shown in a foreshadowing scene mid-movie. And it just fits the personality of the Strange and frankly Cumberbatch pulls it off well. He looks like he was destined for it.

I liked the world bending effects used in the many battle sequences and the movie is filled with that excellent dialog that Marvel has consistently provided across more than a dozen feature films. It finds it self comfortable just inside the top 20 on the all time list.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end of the credits… all the way! There is an early after credit scene that is funny and foretelling right after the main set of credits, then at the very end, after we know the names of all the “grips” and “gaffers” we get another very important after credit scene! So stay put and wait till the bitter end before leaving that theater. I know you sucked down that 40 oz soda, but hold it anyway 😉

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