Wonder Woman: Maximum Anticipation

Picture of Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 2017

After seeing Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the under achieving film, Batman v Superman, I have had an increasing level of anticipation for the long-awaited big screen presentation of the Wonder Woman origin story. In last year’s near miss, Batman v Superman, two things kept that picture from a toilet flush; Ben Affleck hit a soaring home run portraying an older and wiser Bruce Wayne / Batman and Gal Gadot shattered my worries about whether she could be Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot seems to relish the role of Wonder Woman. In the small part she had last year and the trailers for the June 2nd Wonder Woman movie she IS definitively pulling off the role. No live action version of Wonder Woman has ever really hit the mark, will 2017 be different? I do hope so.

Adrian Palicki dressed as Wonder Woman

Adrian Palicki as Wonder Woman. 2011 TV movie.

This is a movie that has been in the works for over ten years. There have been many “suitors” for the role in other efforts including Adrian Palicki who has proven after the fact, her on screen badass potential from her efforts in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. But she really doesn’t pull off the whole Wonder Woman image well and the TV movie sucked. Rileah Vanderbuilt portrayed her in the excellent 2013 internet short movie.

picture of Wonder woman

Rileah Vanderbuilt as Wonder Woman, 2013

Warner Brothers has continued to push the feature film further out, until now as they can begin assembling the ‘Super Friends’ of the ‘Justice League’. The comparisons to Linda Carter’s epic TV portrayal of this comic classic are inevitable. No comparison can be made however as the TV show was made during the heavy insulated era of FCC blindfolds and quasi censorship of television. Linda Carter portrayed more of a girl scout Diana Prince rather than the immortal Demi-God she is. The FCC shackles will not apply and therefore cannot stop Warner Brothers from giving us the Wonder Woman we all deserve.

Wonder Woman was the creation of a man who was well outside the conventional thinking in 1940. Yes I said 1940! William Moulton Marston was a psychologist and the inventor of the polygraph machine. Yep, the lie detector. He was outside the conventional thinking of the day in that he embraced some very liberal social and relationship ideas that are pretty wild even by 21st century standards. He was into submission and bondage, he believed that women should rule the world, and he had a polyamorous three way live in relationship with his wife and mistress who remained ‘partners’ after Marston’s death in 1947. In 1940 women were by no means the liberated force in society they are today and this made Marston an outsider in his day and a very early adopter of women’s liberation ideas.  Marston however gave us the first real super-heroine and a pretty good role model for girls. The notion that women can do anything a man can do in this modern world was an unspoken idea until Marston and others like him broke that mold. The world is a better place without idealistic shackles placed on anyone. Read about Marston here.

His Wonder Woman creation was never presented in the comics quite like he envisioned. In all honesty it is a good thing as she may have never been the 76 year old success story we love and adore today. She has had a revision in each of the four traditional “ages” of comics. She made her debut in December of 1941, the “Golden Age” of comics. In the 1960s, the “Silver Age” of comics she was rewritten with a Greek mythological background. She was tweaked again in the “Bronze Age” of comics, the 1970s that led us to the campy but still good TV series with the ever gorgeous Linda Carter portraying her on the ‘tube’. She was revised in the “Modern Age” back in the late 80s. The 21st century adaptation of Wonder Woman which largely draws on the 1987 reboot, is my personal favorite because she isn’t the love princess of Marston design but rather she is the Amazon demigod badass she was always destined to become.

Despite the revisions to his character idea, Marston’s mark will forever remain on this, the greatest of heroines in the every age of comics and one of the very best super heroes of ALL TIME. The lie detecting “lasso” his tribute to his own invention and the bracelets which were inspired from those worn by his live in mistress, Olivia.

The movie looks very promising and Warner Brothers official trailer is shown below.


Warner Brothers has an opportunity to kick rival Marvel Entertainment in the teeth with this film. They also have a history of strike outs on the silver screen. The looming question is, “which will this latest installment be?” Thus the “anticipation.” I have had many words of concern over who is selected to play Wonder Woman. I have opined in great detail. I was a bit worried when Gal Gadot was selected for the Batman v Superman movie, but she squarely laid to rest any and all concerns about her ability to portray one of my all time favorite super-heroes.

comic book, wonder woman

Wonder Woman in the modern age comics

This movie will succeed or fail on the script and the director beacuse Gal Gadot will no doubt secure a lasting impression on all of us as Wonder Woman. Gadot is legitimately tall, and unlike Linda Carter (who I adore by the way) she has a ferocity and intensity in her that is what I always believed Wonder Woman should have. Even with the believable Warrior she pulls off, she yet retains the regal aura that Linda Carter had as well. Look at the ‘Modern Age’ comics and see how Wonder Woman is drawn with intense and fierce facial expressions, yet in her alter ego Diana Prince she is warm, soft, and feminine. Gal Gadot pulls it ALL off, quite well in fact. The only thing missing is the “blue eyes” that are ever presnet in the comics over the entirety of her 76 year run. I can live without that since Gal is crushing it every where else.

I do so truly hope that Warner Brothers doesn’t screw the pooch on this movie. All the chips are riding on this and the success of the upcoming Justice League film is on the line here. I am sure Ms. Gadot will knock it out of the park, lets hope Patty Jenkins whose primary credit is Directing the 2003 crime drama, “Monster” is up to the task. This will be her biggest directorial effort ever as this film’s budget is FIFTEEN times more than “Monster.”

This is the last of the buildup movies for the Justice League. The Justice League is going to have the four primary DC characters, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. We already have Henry Cavill’s mediocre Superman from two previous films, Affleck’s AMAZING Batman, Gal Gadot’s likely outstanding Wonder Woman, and the future Aquaman portrayed by Jason Mamoa, best known as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. We are briefly introduced to Aquaman at the end of Batman v Superman and will see him again in the ‘Justice League’ origin story later this year. He has a feature film slated for next year.

I am very excited about this Wonder Woman movie but I may not be able to see it until Sunday the 5th as I have a big out-of-town weekend starting on June 2nd. I will try to catch a Thursday night (late June 1st) showing. I have high hopes for this movie and I can’t remember having more anticipation for a comic book movie since Christopher Nolan’s epic, ‘Batman Begins’ back in 2005. Let’s hope Wonder Woman, 2017 goes the way of Batman Begins, and not the way of the “Green Lantern, shall we?


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