The Iron Fist, the last key to the Defenders

I am finally catching up on my Marvel Universe on Netflix. I am about half done with Iron Fist. I do like this show but it doesn’t seem to feel quite as good as previous shows, Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage. It is however up to snuff as a solid effort by the Netflix team and Marvel. These four series are nicely tied together and there is one overarching character that ties them all together. It’s similar to how Marvel used the Phil Coulsen character in the movies to tie all of them together before launching the Avengers in 2012 except Netflix is giving us a lot more screen time for the braiding of the four shows. Yes, friends you already know it’s Claire Temple, the super hero healer that has played a significant part of all four series.

Our villain is also someone we have seen in the other series as well. She was first in the background and has slowly come more and more into focus as the primary baddie. This of course is our 400 year old “witch” Madam Gao of the Hand.

I don’t feel like this show is as well written as the others primarily in the dialog. Frankly the dialog is a bit weak sauce. Our action and episode flow however is nicely done and the weaving of the other three shows story lines is effective. I am on episode nine and the show is starting to really glide well, so by the time I binge the last 4 episodes I’ll have a better idea how it rates against the other three shows. So far I like Dare Devil and Jessica Jones about equally and then Luke Cage followed by Iron Fist. May no mistake all four shows are very good indeed and Netflix makes it all too easy to watch.

The Defenders is already done and will launch later this month. I am really looking forward to that my friends!


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