Justice is Served!

First of all, never mind the professional critics because they all suck. Well, they suck at reviewing super hero movies at least. The professional critics had this movie on Rotten Tomatoes as a smelly 27% fresh. Metacritic has a score of 47.  OK gang it is not the Avengers and it falls short of the greatness of Wonder Woman, but it is way more fresh than 27%

Justice League is way better than Dawn of Justice. It is however not as good as Wonder Woman. Nor is it going toe to toe with the best Marvel Studios efforts. But ladies and gentlemen, Warner Brothers took off the gloves and gave us a bare knuckle winner with Wonder Woman and Zack Snyder seems to have learned his lesson from the poorly crafted Dawn of Justice. Although Joss Whedon took over direction at the end due to a family crisis for Zack Snyder. DC is ready to rise and whether you prefer Marvel or DC we all win in the end.

Dawn of Justice was a mess. I liked Batman’s bad ass kill Superman suit, that was cool, but we don’t see it in this film because, well, Superman is dead, remember. Oh yeah they killed Superman in the last movie.

What we do get is more of Ben Affleck’s well portrayed mature Batman / Bruce Wayne and a lot more of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Ok, let’s be clear on this one particular point : Gal Gadot is rocking the shit out of the Wonder Woman role. She continues to impress as Diana Prince and if she appears in a movie as Wonder Woman the movie is automatically at least 50% fresh just with her awesome presence on the screen. Read my Wonder Woman review here for more details on that. This movie is more of the same from Ms. Gadot, and that my friends is a big bonus.

Justice League has a cohesive plot. This is something every movie SHOULD have but Dawn of Justice, did not. This story isn’t really all that great, but it does connect the Amazons, Atlantians, and Humans together.

The plot is a predictable basic evil alien/god type baddie hell-bent on destroying the Earth, yada, yada, yada. So how does this thing go from yada, yada, to a warm applause from the audience at the end. Well, aside from Wonder Woman it is our three newbies: First, Ezra Miller. This young man was charged with portraying Barry Allen, AKA the Flash. This is one of those I’m not sure whether it was the acting or the direction, but it was a bit of both most likely. This kid lights up every scene he appears in and the movie can’t be only 27% fresh? Seriously. They seem to be treating Barry Allen a bit like they did Spiderman in Civil War and even a bit in Homecoming. He’s the new kid, rookie, etc. In awe of the legend of Batman.

Now some people don’t like the new Barry Allen. In fact many don’t like him. Maybe they wanted Grant Gustin from the excellent CW TV show, The Flash. But there was no way to really tie him in and Gustin’s Flash is too serious. This film needed some comic relief and he delivers here.

What of Aquaman? Jason Momoa actually is good in this role. This is definately not the Super Friends clean cut version of Aquaman. He is quite the spectacle. I liked him and how about that torpedo swim speed? How does that work? Mamoa’s take on the Aquaman is not only interesting but he is rather diverse. He is Stern, Heavy Handed and then later relaxed and even funny. He pulls off the transitions seamlessly. Nice job Khal Drogo 😉

I like Cyborg. We get very little backstory at all on any of these characters added into this film. The Flash didn’t really need an introduction, but we could have had a better understanding of how Cyborg came to be. They tossed that together like a cheap salad. Ray Fisher is admirable in the role and the character is a plot mover. I hope we see more of Cyborg in the future.

Justice League isn’t going to knock down any of the top films on the list, but it is much better than Rotten Tomatoes 27% from the “Pros”.

One thing on the negative and this is a pretty big blunder. Batman is supposed to be the leader and in this movie he is not the central focus of the “League” at all, aside from bankrolling it. As good as Affleck was in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, which he and Gal Gadot saved from stinking up the theater, he is under utilized here and a bit cold. He isn’t the tactical minded, super detective we expect from Batman. Rather he is portrayed as battle weary and even a bit self doubting. He does however make the hard call at an important plot development point and pushes the others to fall in with the plan. Overall, I still like Affleck as the Batman and even more as Bruce Wayne, but I may be among the few. This wasn’t all on Affleck, the character was written this way. This is more on Mr. Snyder.

There was some really good material to work with and Justice League missed out on opportunities to go from good movie to great movie. I did like the movie and do recommend seeing it in the theater.

Stay for the after credits, a short scene with Flash and Superman and then all the way to the very last credit to see a very important foreshadowing scene. Stay to the end.

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