Jessica Jones is Back!

Following up on the outstanding, if not a bit dark and gritty, season one is a tall order. I was excited to dive into another Netflix binge watch, and after a couple of days managed to soak up the entire 13 episode season.

I’m not sure if this new season matched the heights of the first, but it is still none-the-less another dark and gritty peek into the life of a reluctant super powered protagonist that is not quite a heroine and yet not so much an anti-heroine. What exactly is Jessica Jones? That is the question that makes her so damn appealing as a character. Like the first season, this is not for the kiddies. Netflix likes to dive into the dark and creepy rabbit hole and adds a bunch of loveless sex as a saucy side dressing to the salacious salad that is Jessica Jones.

We get a much-needed peek into the origin of the Miss Jones and will see some of last season’s characters become deeply developed. There is a bit of a twist mid-season that some of you may see coming, I’ll admit I didn’t see it coming.

I am not sure how this stacks up against the first season. In some ways I like the first season better and that is partly because it was fresh and new. But also because the villain, Kilgrave, was just so deliciously evil and twisted. Who would have thought the lovable 10th Doctor (David Tennant) could be so devilishly devious.

Janet McTeer

This season our villain is something different and saving any spoilers the villain is excellent but not quite as dastardly as Kilgrave. Initially our Season 2 villain is something rather raw and bestial, but as the season progresses we find a more sympathetic villain. As good as Tennant was with Kilgrave, Janet McTeer delivers the goods every bit as well.

I think when I remove the initial novelty of season one, I feel like season two was a little better.


Below is my current feelings on the best of the Marvel on Netflix series.

  1. Daredevil I, II
  2. Jessica Jones II, I
  3. Luke Cage
  4. Punisher
  5. Defenders
  6. Iron Fist

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