To Infinity and Beyond!

No this is not a preview of Toy Story 4 coming out in 2019. This is a no spoilers review of the Avengers: Infinity War.

Before I dive into Marvel’s biggest character fest ever, I want to mention that I have watched several of the movies I reviewed last year on BluRay now they are out. Wonder Woman is the best Super Hero movie of 2017. Thor: Ragnorok is still the best Thor movie ever climbing a bit on the charts, Justice League is still a let down but not terrible like Batman V Superman, and Star Wars Episode XIII is about the same as last time.

So Marvel/Disney had one tall order to fill with this latest installment of the Avengers. In a fashion the likes of which only Marvel can pull off they manage to merge nearly every single Marvel Universe character ever to flicker across the silver screen. Well at least the ones they still hold license to. How is it even possible to make a movie featuring the entire hero cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, The extended version of the Avengers, Doctor Strange and the ‘wizards’, and still manage to hold a movie together with a reasonable amount of continuity and a good flow? How do they do that? Seriously, Warner Brothers needed only to bring Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Aquaman to Justice League and that was a bit messy for them. Marvel manages to bring an entire UNIVERSE of heroes onto the screen in a movie that was more coherent than Justice League. Unbelievable.

Now this new Avengers movie is not without fault. It is not the best Marvel film by any stretch, but it is outstanding. There are a few issues I have with it. One is Thanos. Thanos is the villain that has been lurking in the background of Marvel movies and after credit scenes for half a dozen years. Thanos in this movie has times when he seems virtually Godlike all-powerful, yet in other scenes he is slapped around like a two-bit cattle thief in a B western. Look the villain is either a badass untouchable, or he is vulnerable, but once you play the untouchable card you can’t have him tripping on his cape.

That said I have a major issue with Doctor Strange in the scene on Titan. He clearly uses his portal ability a few times in that battle with Thanos yet in that same battle, he easily could have used it numerous times to great effect and conveniently does not. Leading to some dire consequences, no spoilers, you will get it when you see it.  He also could have used the time tweak feature in that scene to great effect and yet he does not. Hmm, serious plot holes methinks.

All that aside Marvel delivers another great adventure and we get all the classic Marvel banter, funny one liners, and scene stealing moments from the usual suspects. Friends I don’t have to tell you that your ticket price is money well spent.

I will warn you that there is a dump truck load of death, the ending of the film is dark, but there is also a strong hint that the ending is not set in the stone of time. This film has such a profound end, I am not 100% sure I like they way they end it, but it is rather un-Marvel-like. Watch the after credit scene, seriously WATCH IT. See if you recognize the symbol at the end.

This one ranks well, it was a lot to absorb and I will have to screen it again to cement its place in the hall of Super Hero Movies on my list. For now it sits pretty high. OH, P.S. Peter Dinklage (yes that Peter Dinklage, Tyrion Lanaster in Game of Thrones). makes an appearance in this film and I just have to know, did Dinklage come up with the idea of a giant dwarf or did someone actually pitch that to him? If it was the latter, oh to be the proverbial fly on the wall during that meeting 😉

Coming soon:

  • May 18th – Deadpool 2
  • May 25th – Solo, A Star Wars Story
  • June 15th – Incredibles 2
  • July 6th – Ant Man and the Wasp
  • November 2nd – X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • December 21st – Aquaman



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