Deadpool is Back!

Ryan Reynolds is back and he is kickin’ ass and takin’ names. After you are done watching the film be sure to watch the extended after credits scenes where Mr. Reynolds “fixes” a few things…

I am avoiding spoilers here since this is a day one review. Deadpool 2 lives up to the hype but falls short of the original. This movie gives us all the Deadpool-isms, shattering the fourth wall, and making pop culture references throughout the movie. DP2 may have more Easter eggs than any Marvel character based movie ever.

As it was with the first movie this one isn’t for the kiddies. They make full use of the R rating and the blood and mayhem is much more prevalent than round one. But it is done in a comic style, somewhat like ‘Kick Ass’. This Tarantino-esque movie however is better than Kick Ass.

Deadpool 2 is not just a funny superhero movie, it’s an adult comedy with super hero themes. Like the first installment this one continues to be a parody of the super hero genre. It is however a non-stop laugh maker and one may have to see the movie twice to take in all the jokes. A dozen screenings may be needed for all the pop-culture, Easter eggs, and non-fiction references in this movie. You may see the references to The Goonies, DC Comics, Darkhorse, Marvel Comics , even specific issues of Marvel comics, Green Lantern, X-Men Origins, a Brad Pitt cameo, and so much more.

Twentieth Century Fox doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, they hit a home run with the first movie on a small budget, and this time they spent more cash and gave us more of the same. Maybe a little too much more of the same and not enough more in-depth. But that’s all fine, the film gives the audience and big bag full of all the expectations they had when they bought the ticket.

The rest of the movie after taking out the humor and lack of seriousness, is just sort of so-so. There is a decent story with an iffy plot, but overall the film is pretty good. It is once again Ryan Reynold’s excellent delivery as Deadpool and the solid funny writing that carries the day.


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