An Incredible Experience, Again

Solo a Star Wars Story came out a couple of weeks ago and I have yet to see it. Disney has managed to suck out the joy of the rich atmosphere of the franchise, but I do intend to see the movie soon any way, because who doesn’t want to see the story of making the Kessel run in 12 parsecs 😉 Disney however seems to have kept Pixar producing fantastic movies and this weekend’s Incredibles 2 is no exception.

I am an absolute fan of the first Incredibles that hit the screen two touchdown-years ago in 2004. That amazing effort by the team at Pixar, then independent from the juggernaut tycoons at Disney remains very high on my super hero movie list, still ranking number 9 over all out of the 89 movies on the list. This new version is every bit as good a movie, but is it better than the original?

Those who know me and this movie review side of me, know I am rarely favorable towards a sequel. That is not to say that I don’t like a good second shot, just that often when you have a great movie like the Incredibles it is hard to duplicate the walk out of the theatre buzz, because you went in knowing to some extent what to expect. The bar is set high for round two when the first effort is so damn good like Pixar gave us back in ’04.

The first movie was amazing, the characters, the idea of the old supers longing for the good ‘ole days, the fantastic score music which remains one of my all time favs. That first film just had it ALL.

This new film picks up where the first one left off, more or less, when the Underminer is making his dastardly entrance and delivering the obligatory villain monologue. From there we see some similarities in plot development to the first movie and a decent plot twist that kids won’t see coming but adults will. I will avoid spoiling the events, but we are introduced to a whole cast of superheros in this movie outside of the Parr family and Frozone. Somehow Pixar manages to do what Warner Brothers cannot, which is make a coherent movie with a ton of characters ie: Justice League.

In every way I feel the Incredibles 2 is just as well made and well delivered as the first installment.  Yes, we get more of Michael Giacchino’s brilliant music, yet it is missing just one thing that will keep it behind its forebearer, and that is ‘freshness.’ When Incredibles came out in 2004 it was a crisp new concept in the superhero genre and we had not yet reached the heights of superhero movie fatigue that we have now. Think about it, other than the X-men and Spiderman franchises, the superhero genre was a bit sparse. But Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies and Marvel Studios grand entrance with Ironman and dozens of movies since has brought us to a 2018 where 4 star superhero movies are just another day at the office.

Pixar did everything right with this movie and it is excellent by every measure, but it isn’t exactly the neoteric new face we got in 2004 and that leaves it a few ticks behind the original. I do eagerly await Incredibles 3, should they choose to make it, because this movie and its predecessor are genuinely entertaining works that are a great experience for all ages. That my friends, it what Walt Disney believed in and what Disney Studios is supposed to make. That may very well be the reason it just broke the opening weekend box office record for an animated film; no politics, not a single politically charged rant, just good old-fashioned entertainment. Well done Pixar, more please.


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