That Hero is all Wet, and I like him!

The oft misunderstood and equally often forgotten hero of the deep, Aquaman, finally gets his due with a feature film dedicated to one of the four original founding members of the Justice League and a hero with roots dating to 1941. Yes friends, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were both introduced in 1941 to compliment the leading DC heroes, Superman and Batman arriving in 1938 and 1939 respectively.

We all got a peek at the Aquaman in the Justice League movie last year and now we get the full Jason Momoa aqua feature film. There is very little in backstory but what there is tells us what we need to know about the origins of the Aquaman. True to his Modern Age DC roots Arthur Curry is the son of a human lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Altantis. Although the original backstory from the 1940s is a little different the characters involved are the same.

This movie does a great job telling a story, but doesn’t really connect Aquaman with the Justice League the way I expected. Will there be another Justice League movie? Is Warner Brothers still licking their wounds over the weak reviews of the first one? Who knows, what I do know is that Jason Momoa is pulling off the badass like nobody’s business and believe me in the comics, Aquaman is a badass. The early comics had a more clean cut version of Arthur Curry but later on they made him more like the Aquaman we see in this film. I do prefer the more rebellious look that Mamoa’s Aquaman delivers.

I still think the best DC movie in the last several years is 2017s Wonder Woman, but this Aquaman movie is a hit and I think it will help Warner Brothers justify pushing some more coin into the DC universe.

This movie has a beginning, middle, and climatic end, but also leaves the doors wide open for more appearances by Aquaman even if the Justice League is done. I hope it is not, so lets see what happens in 2019 and beyond.

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