Marvel tells an Origin story of Mar-Vell

First of all: I am irritated that some people chose to review bomb the film prior to even seeing it just based on Ms. Larson’s disappointing comments. If we get bent out of shape and try to bomb a movie every time a self-righteous Hollywood type blathers out some bullshit drivel, we would never get to see any movies. Let it go already, I’m fine with it, but I will poke some fun at her for it anyhow since I am the target of her anger being both white and male and I’m even kind of old too 😉

I tend to like the origin story movies. I feel like the story is always a bit better in the origins than the inevitable sequel(s) that follow. This film does a nice job telling the story about how Captain Marvel came to be. It also makes several origin tie ins for other well-loved Marvel characters like Coulsen and of course, Nick Fury. We also get a peeksy at Ronin the Accuser back in the day.

The film is set in the 1990s and I feel like the production did a good 1990s makeover of the locations they shot. I will try to avoid spoilers but there are some funny bits that are very 1990s that can’t be avoided. Our hero starts off fairly early in the film crash landing in LA and she falls into a Blockbuster Video store. Later in the sequence she asks a stunned local security guard where the communications is, he points and the camera quick pans to a Radio Shack, moments before my son Kyle called it. “Watch it be a Radio Shack.” Classic.

I like period pieces especially periods I remember as an adult. I was in my 30s during the 90s, I remember it well. Although I didn’t nit pick the details, I didn’t see anything glaringly out of sorts either. Kudos to the crew.

Over all I like this movie and it exceeds my expectations. Not that they were lowered because of any controversy surround the star but they were lowered because Disney has had a bad habit of mixing politics into the recipe of their films. I get enough of other people’s politics on Facebook and the news, the last thing I want is a face full of it in my entertainment. The good news is that this movie stays in its lane for the most part with nothing more than subtle pokes.

It is a wonderful mix of action and some drama and a few twists in the plot that are above average for the genre. It really is a good movie. Many reviewers (not the haters, but real reviewers) felt Brie Larson was a bit flat. I disagree, I think the character is what it is, and I think she played it well. She seems to have a solid ability to convey complex emotion in subtle facial expressions. You know, the look says it all kind of deal. I thought she was solid, not top-tier, but solid. Samuel L. Jackson did a great impersonation of Samuel L Jackson, what a stud, that guy kills it every time he gets in front of the camera. Frankly you can’t make a bad movie if Mr. J has more than 20 minutes of screen time 🙂

We all know by now that Brie Larson is a staunch feminist. That’s all fine and well, but I find the comment made by the jackass toxic male pilot, “you know why they call it the ‘cock’pit” absolutely hilarious because of her personal convictions. The guy was clearly an ass, but that is what made it funny. She must have had a hemorrhage when she saw that in the script.

Almost as inevitable as a Marvel sequel, the comparisons to Wonder Woman are impossible to avoid. I have mentioned that I feel Wonder Woman is one of the best DC based films to date. But this is about Captain Marvel, not Wonder Woman, right?

A trainload of reviews comment on the costume. I bet most of them are trolls looking to get a rise out her. It’s ugly, not sexy enough, yada, yada, yada. If they read the comics, they would know the classic costume was never that sexy. Wonder Woman’s costumes were actually pretty racy in the comics in almost every version of the character. This movie nailed it as far as the look and feel of the costume and the character once fully vetted. Yes there have been some racier iterations of the character over the years, but the original comics costume was similar to the one in the movie. I admire people who stand by their beliefs and I would bet that if they asked her to wear something slinky she may have refused the role.

Wonder Woman was a better film than this. I really feel like Gal Gadot just nailed it so well in that role. She saved Dawn of Justice from being at the very bottom of the super hero movie list. She lit it up in her solo film to the top ten spot on the list, and she again saved Justice League from the shit pile. This movie is not quite that good and Brie Larson doesn’t light up the screen like Ms. Gadot. What this film does do, is tell an intriguing back story, and sets up the “endgame” for the 22nd movie and MCU finale next month.

Marvel does a pretty good job of showing Captain Marvel as an epic badass. Seriously the character is near superman/supergirl levels of power at the end of the film. She gets unleashed after her showdown with the Kree Supreme Intelligence. It’s a good thing she wasn’t disintegrated by Thanos at the end of Infinity War. We need her and in a few weeks we shall have her back.

Despite every effort the anti-Brie Larson crowd has been rather ineffective as this movie has blown the box office open. Marvel has a formula and the formula works. There was no fly in the ointment here. I hope this movie sets up the end of one MCU plot line and maybe starts another with all the stuff Captain Marvel has been doing around the galaxy for the last 24 years or so. Nice job Marvel; see you next month 🙂

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    Good stuff. My compliments to the staff of the Evergreen Times.

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