I Dove Into the Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse is an animated film about Spiderman that came out late last year and has been well received by professional critics and fans. It has a crazy high Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% and an audience score of 94% That is world-class performance right there and I needed to see it for myself.

This story is based on a newer comic lineup that follows Spiderman in the multi-verse with numerous incarnations of the web slinging superhero. The movie introduces us to Miles Morales as well as a great number of other multi-verse incarnations of Marvel’s wall crawler.

I like the story and the characters. There is something cool about seeing Fisk the way he was drawn in the comics. Fisk is HUGE and animated films are able to present the characters the way they were intended.

Although animated films are often aimed at a younger crowd, ie. children, this film is Rated PG-13 and keeps the themes clean but not juvenile. This movie gets the thirteen added to the rating for the dark themes not language or sexuality so it is suitable for kids although not really little kids. Maybe 10 year-olds and up.

I like it, these modern animated films really bring the classic comics to life and I will say I prefer live-action in general, the animated movies have that real comics feel and that cannot be replicated in a live action production. Kudos to Sony-Columbia Pictures for producing a real gem.

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