Jessica Jones Season 3

Netflix released season 3 of Jessica Jones a week or so ago and I managed to quasi binge it this week. There are some minor spoilers ahead.

Jessica Jones is a great character and the show takes us for a bit of a ride in season three. Netflix gives us even more insight and development of the title character and also takes us on a side story of Patsy Walker complete with backstory flash back scenes. This third season takes the cute and perky Patsy (Trish) to a very dark place… Frank Castle dark. Is this the MCU version of “Hellcat?”

This excellent season continues the streaming services record of producing excellent Marvel content. Jessica Jones has been one of the better series of the 5 they have produced.

We are introduced to a new villain, a serial killer named Salinger that takes photographs of victims just prior to death to capture their “truth.” Salinger is a highly educated and even reasonably capable physically. He proves to be quite a challenge for Jessica and even Trish as she discovers her own powers.

I really like this season, the story is less predictable and has some solid plot twists. It is officially the end of the series on Netflix but the very final scene is highly suggestive that we have not seen the last of the bourbon guzzling super hero. This series is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so maybe Jessica is part of Marvel’s Phase 4.

Overall Jessica Jones was a well done show and streaming services can push the boundaries which is needed for a character like Jones. It was nicely done and I’ll miss Netflix contributions to the MCU. This third installment of Jessica Jones has found itself near the top of my favorites among the Netflix produced shows.

  1. Daredevil I
  2. Jessica Jones III
  3. Daredevil II
  4. Jessica Jones II
  5. Jessica Jones I
  6. Daredevil III
  7. Luke Cage
  8. Punisher
  9. Defenders
  10. Punisher II
  11. Iron Fist II
  12. Iron Fist I

Marvel has done an outstanding job across a variety of platforms to bring a contiguous experience that simply cannot be compared to any television or motion picture franchise in the history of the medium. It is truly remarkable what has been produced over the last dozen years, how well connected all of this content is and for the most part completely congruent with 22 motion pictures and 13 television shows from ABC to Netflix and Hulu.

You may not realize what Marvel has accomplished here, but it truly is the most successful cinematic franchise in history and I do not think we will ever see this level of entertainment greatness again.

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    Great review! Would mean a lot if you checked out my review as well.

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