There’s a new Bat in town.

I have been a bit incognito lately but I watched the pilot for CW’s new Batwoman series and it was pretty solid. I will be seeing ‘Joker’ this week as well and will report on that later on.

Batwoman features Ruby Rose in the lead playing a lesbian character struggling with family issues as well as relationship issues partly associated with her sexual ‘status’. The pilot touched on the conflict between her and her dad and the differences in perception regarding their relationship. The character is based off a legit Batman DC comic as she is Kate Kane cousin to Bruce Wayne. This character first appeared in the DC universe just recently in 2006 after the DC Infinite Crisis. In the Batman series, 2006 is VERY recent since Batman first appeared in 1939!

None the less Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman is sort of “filling in” in the absence of Bruce Wayne / Batman who disappeared three years earlier. The pilot gives some backstory on the character, and follows through a discovery of sorts regarding Bruce Wayne and the Bat.

I like what they have done with her abilities. Like Batman, she has no real super powers. She has serious martial arts training and is somewhat fearless. She is not shown to be overpowered and in fact she has notable and believable vulnerabilities that are exploited to some extent by the bad guys. So far she seems well cast in this role and they have set the stage for a major villain to emerge and likely be the season long antagonist should the show get a full set of episodes.

I don’t mind one bit that TV and movies are trying to be inclusive of the LBGTQ community. A small but still significant portion of our population identifies as LBGTQ and for many years were left out of stories and plots or were added in a trivial or even comical fashion. These modern, more serious, and leading characters that are a part of the LBGTQ community can be important to society at large in bringing all of us together rather than creating divisive lines. I say they can be, because done wrong they can be just as divisive as the exclusionary practices of the past.

I think that they have a tendency to overplay the hand a bit. In Supergirl there was the coming out of Kara Danvers stepsister that became a central theme for two seasons overshadowing the story line of the title character: Supergirl. This overplay can become counter-productive and TV and Movies have taken it to counter productive levels at times. I hope that Kate Kane’s sexuality does not become the primary theme but rather an anecdote to her broad personality. She should be much more than just another lesbian. No one should be defined by their sexuality yet in Supergirl, the CW has done just that with Alex Danvers. Alex Danvers is an awesome character that need not be either gay or straight to be awesome. I feel like they overplayed the lesbian part of her character and I hope they don’t repeat the mistake here with Kate Kane.

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