The Evergreen Times made its debut in February of 1993 as the “Redwood Reporter” in Sonoma County, California.  The name was changed a few years later after a move to the Pacific Northwest whereas “redwood” was no longer fitting.

This newsletter originated as a connection between friends that met a few times a year to reminisce about “the good ‘ole’ days” and play cards or trivia games while consuming a modest amount of adult beverages.  The newsletter chronicled these get together events.

Later the editor began to opine on the matters of things in our daily world and others in the group submitted their writings as well and the newsletter evolved into something completely different.

The Evergreen Times is currently published once a month as a private newsletter.   This blog will post the general interest articles from the past as well as those that come up in the future.

As publisher, editor and primary writer of the Evergreen Times, Rod Sager cut his writing teeth with hundreds of thousands of words over more than twenty years.  This helped him polish his skills enough to write a book on Real estate and finance that was accepted and published in 2010. (Don’t Panic, Now is the time to supercharge your portfolio).  

Recently the blog as evolved again now more of an evaluation of pop culture, media, music, movies, etc. Politics is just too darn volatile.


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