Super Hero Movie List

For nearly 30 years the Evergreen Times has been reviewing movies and in particular movies about Comic Book Super Heroes. This is a highly subjective list of the best of those reviewed movies. It is important to understand that this list ranks the movies against their genre peers not against the greatest movies of all time. A five star rating on this list is not the same five stars of say a movie like Star Wars or Gone with the Wind. It is measured against the genre. That said, the top five movies on this list are pretty much five star affairs measured against any film or genre in my opinion anyway. The movie titles occasionally move position due to the subjective nature of the list, and the fact that I am sole moderator 😉 I own most of these films on DVD or BluRay and watch them occasionally just to see how they hold up over time. Those that don’t may slip a few notches those that do may rise over time.